Whether seeking modern or traditional styling, pda will seek to create a design to match your personal requirements and tastes rather than impose a predetermined practice style on the outcome. Our aim is to locate a design solution responsive to your brief which is imbued with a sense of human scale and proportion; together with the fine qualities of space, form, light, and materiality.

  • Beautiful homes and gardens.
  • Fun, functional and timeless architecture.
  • No set office style or product – the approach may be modern regionalist and contextual or may be quite traditional and international.We are experienced in designing timeless, high quality residential buildings, townhouses, terrace houses, retail, hospitality, and other light commercial developments.

We also have expertise in creating ecologically sensitive architecture and sustainability consultancy. All staff are computer literate and utilise 3-D computer models to test design ideas and create presentations and construction documents.

Architectural design services include:

  • Feasibility design
  • Concept design
  • Preliminary design
  • Developed design
  • Detailed Design (for building consent and construction)
  • Documentation for Resource Consent if required
  • Documentation for tender and procurement
  • Project administration
  • Project observation
  • As-built plans

Garden Design

We offer complete garden design services. Our designers are expert in hard and soft landscaping – whether that be functional straightforward and simple planting, through to complex designs with water, multiple levels, textures, fragrances, materials, colours and lighting.

Garden design services include:

  • Feasibility design landscape plans
  • Concept design landscape plans
  • Detailed Design (construction) landscape plans
  • Documentation for Building and or Resource Consent if required
  • Planting plans
  • Tree and plant selection
  • Seasonal and sensual designs
  • Outdoor kitchens and Firelaces
  • Recreational landscapes – tennis courts, pools etc.
  • Rural landscapes for aesthetics and farming

Garden Architecture

Being both architects and landscape architects enables us to provide a totally integrated service when it come to architecture within the garden. Our office specialises in the design of garden architecture – buildings and structures that are substantively part of the garden and landscape. Let us enhance your garden with a beautiful landscape structure.

Garden architecture services includes the planning, design, documentation and observation of construction through to completion of the following:

  • Garden pavilions
  • Tennis pavilions
  • Pool houses
  • Minor dwellings
  • Pergolas
  • Loggias,
  • Verandas
  • Atriums
  • Rose arbours
  • Gazebos
  • Roof gardens
  • Roof decks
  • Courtyards
  • Garden walls
  • Front entrances and
  • Designer gates
  • Bridges

On occasion we have be lucky to work with the worlds foremost garden designers and landscape architects, implementing their landscape vision in New Zealand. Our office works well with off-shore designers, maintaining excellent communication and design detailing to facilitate the best possible built outcome to turn their vision into reality. Over the last nine years we have worked with Paul Bangay – the leading Australian garden designer – on two projects in New Zealand, and Fernando Caruncho – the most famous living Spanish Landscape Architect – on another local project.

In these cases we provided all or some of the following

  • briefing
  • site master planning – landscape and architecture
  • appointment and coordination of supporting consultants
  • all drawings for resource consent and building consent
  • all final design detailing, drawings and instructions for contractors
  • site observation of the contract works
  • design of architecture, swimming pool, walls, bridges etc.

Swimming Pool Design

Over the last decade our office has developed expertise at swimming pool design as part of an integrated design process. We will design your pool to meet your brief, select and appoint contractors, observe the construction process and negotiate pool fencing and compliance issues with your local authority. We will also design the associated landscaping including pool fencing and other barriers, stone, ceramic and concrete tiling, paving and edging.

  • Simple Pools and/or
  • Complex and/or
  • Curved swimming pools
  • Wet edge, weir edged pools
  • Indoor spa pools
  • Outdoor spas
  • Hamman Arab style bathhouses
  • Water features including
  • Ponds
  • Fountains and jets
  • Rills and cascades
  • Piling and bridging foundations
  • Pool heating and plant
  • Pool lighting

Landscape Design

Being both architects and landscape architects enables us to provide a seamless and integrated service when it come to architecture and landscape. We offer landscape design services. Our designers are experienced in site master planning, subdivision design, hard and soft landscaping.

landscape design services include:

  • Feasibility design landscape plans
  • Subdivision design
  • Concept design landscape plans
  • Detailed Design (construction) landscape plans
  • Documentation for Building and or Resource Consent if required
  • Planting plans
  • Carparking and roading design in conjunction with traffic engineers
  • Drainage in conjunction with hydraulic engineers
  • Wastewater and Stormwater design
  • Tree and plant selection
  • Revegetation
  • Recreational landscapes – tennis courts, pools etc.
  • Rural landscapes for aesthetics and farming

Visual Assessment

Visual assessment of the landscape and your property are a critical aspect of the resource consent process for subdivision and development. Our landscape architects are very able at carrying out landscape assessment of visual effects.

Visual assessment services include:

  • Site analysis – analysis of your property it in context with the local landscape typology
  • Pictorial presentation of existing and/or proposed developments from multiple viewpoints
  • Reporting on these visual effects whether adverse or positive
  • design of landscape elements to mitigate adverse effects
  • Audio visual presentation in resource consent hearings and court as required.

Subdivision Design

As landscape architects we will lead a specialist team to help you through all aspects of the subdivision process. As landscape architects, and architects, we have the design training to best locate and position building platforms on your site while understanding the implications that this may have on the design of future buildings.

We are able to provide the following:

  • Design expertise and creative solutions to your subdivision
  • Site analysis in terms of hydrology, aspect, existing planting, and existing artefacts.
  • Analysis of your property in terms potential of yield/density – the potential number of lots.
  • Recommend practicable building platform positions
  • Discuss orientation, platform sizes, access, and implications this may have on building form and construction
  • Recommend the division of land and the layout of Lots.
  • Design preliminary roading layouts (subject to engineering)
  • Consider site strategies for wastewater and stormwater disposal
  • Lead the project design team of consultants planners, archaeologists, surveyors and engineers
  • Design soft and hard landscape features in the subdivision
  • This includes entranceways, gates, roading, recycle areas, recreational trails, stands of trees,amenity and mitigation planting, native revegetation.
  • Provide planting plans; plant schedules; and landscape maintenance programmes.
  • Consider catchment management, site ecology and sustainability issues
  • Provide detailed reporting and documentation for resource consent
  • Visual assessment of landscape (refer to separate section under services)
  • Audio visual presentation of evidence in resource consent hearings and court as required.

Sustainability Design

In the 1990s Peter taught the course “Design for Sustainability” at the University of Auckland. His ideas on sustainability and environmental architecture have been internationally published. Over this period he won a number of design competitions for environmental architecture including:

  • First Prize: The International Student Competition for Passive Low Energy Architecture (PLEA 1992)
  • First Prize: Carter Holt Harvey National Environmental Design Award. (1994)
  • Runner up: Wellington City Council Ecohouse Design Competition (1994).
  • Winner of the Waitakere Ecohome Competition (with Paul Heather (1996)

In more recent times Peter worked as sustainability consultant on the Landcare Building on Tamaki Campus with Chow Hill Architects. This won the Ministry for the Environment’s Green Ribbon Award for urban environmental management, and at the Property Council of New Zealand awards, it won the EECA Energy Wise Commercial Building Award.

In 2008 Peter as part of Peter’s continuing professional development he undertook the Green Building Council of New Zealand’s Level 1 and 2 training for Green Office Design.

Peters own rural residence is designed using some of these principles being of simple form, well insulated, well oriented with plenty of thermal mass, with solar hot water (which has never required its electric boost to be switched on). Wastewater is disposed of on-site and rainwater is harvested for washing and drinking. The exterior is naturally weathered timber, with the interior structure being hand crafted lawson cypress.

If you require a home or building greener than the norm, or the consideration of thermal comfort as well as thermal delight for your new home – or even an off-the-grid solution – contact Peter.

Graphic Design

All of our designers are skilled at manual and computer assisted drawing, and well versed in Adobe Photoshop – peter having taught that software at university level. Our design team are also well travelled amateur photographers. Peter’s and Kelly’s work is on sale at the local café in Whitford. We have an A4 colour laser printer and an A0 (really big!) colour printer in our office that enables us to produce stunning glossy images up to 841 wide and banner length if required.

If you require supporting graphics for your project we may be able to provide assistance including the following

Signage and logo design for your building/business
Brochure design, business card design
Supporting graphics – advertising posters