‘Tuscan’ Traditional – Mediterranean Masonry Home for Regis Stage Two Whitford/Flatbush

Friday, April 01, 2011

This stunning Tuscan classic solidly built new house has been designed for the Regis Stage Two subdivision on the outskirts of Whitford.

This traditional Italianate-look home is a combination of plastered and bagged brick with a Spanish clay tile roof. Completed floor area would be in excess of 340m2. The kitchen boasts modern Mediterranean styling, with stone and/or stainless steel bench tops, and all Italian tapware and sanitary fixtures. The overall size of the final shape of the floor plan is yet to be firmly established for this design, being dependent on client wishes and site selection.  As architects we would provide full design services tailored to personal requirements and brief. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning one of these homes